About Us

Way back in 2010, GMS started with exports to Nigeria, Mombasa, Malaysia & after getting a good response from the domestic market the firm started increasing its portfolio with a wide range of products, which is majorly focused toward the production of merchandise. Innovation fuels our enthusiasm for growth. At GMS, it remains our endeavour to offer customers a one-stop solution that comprises assortment management, logistics to your end destination. With our product portfolio, customers will be spoilt for choice. Adding to this our experienced team of professionals and you know why you can choose to trust GMS.

Like any successful business, we too have moved with the times, increasing our offerings in recent years to provide clients with a complete package, as we have experience in EXIM, manufacturing along with our strong merchandising team that acquires raw material and goods at a reasonable cost, corporate servicing, wholesaling & retailing through brick and mortar, e-commerce. But, we’re not finished yet! With a driven workforce who are passionate about servicing our clients, we are expanding our footprint to various segments of the market.

Whether it is launch of your products and services or you want to say “Thank-you” to your ¬†clients/customers/vendors, or offering giveaways at some trade show, Corporate gifting is a great way to let people know more about you and your business.

Our mission is to be a one stop destination for all those who are looking for a single point solution for tailor-made merchandise to supplement the buying needs of your customers.

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